Postcard Politics Anyone ?

Like ir or not, Postcard Politics are Here to Stay & a Must for Every Political Canpaign.

Elected officials and new campaigners use political postcards to let voters know who they are, what they believe & plan to do for you if elected. Gaining voter support is absolutely required if the are to be successful. Increasing awareness and constituents support about important key legislative issues has got to be the #1 goal.

Political election campaigns need to raise funds & postcards are the perfect way to get the message out & request support from like minded voters. Using postcards during an election campaign is a new science that will be tracked, tweaked and thoroughly studied for years to come.

Including postcards in your campaigning toolbox is a no brainer that bring results. They are a great option because they work, are easy to design, and cost effective for multiple postal mailings leading up to election day.

Paperscope Kaleidoscope Postcards – Fun Invention – Great Idea !

Paperscope Kaleidoscope Postcards – What a Great Idea!  Imagine sending a postcard that can be turned into a colorful Kaleidoscope to anywhere in the world? How fun is that?

Well, Big News as this invention has come to postcards & will become a big hit among business advertisers and postcard enthusiasts worldwide.

Paperscope Kaleidoscope Postcards are New & the creators are looking for investors to bring this great idea to the marketplace.

Keep you eye out for these Great Idea Postcards…they will be available very soon!

Where to Buy Christian Postcards

Postcards are available in gift stores, hotels & specialty stores across the country. The most popular use of postcards is while on vacation when families are traveling & want to share something they have seen along the way. This is the easiest way to buy postcards one at a time. Christian Postcards are the 2nd most popular style used mostly for charity fund raising and church communication.

Mail order is another way to purchase postcards but if you have access to the internet, there are many online websites that offer beautiful postcards that are really nice and include many themes including birthdays, holidays, get well, etc.

One of our favorite postcard websites is SmileyMe.Com. They have a large selection of styles with the Christian Postcards theme. Prices are reasonable and the great thing about ordering here is that every style can be purchased singly making it easy to buy your favorites or get different styles that fit the personality of whomever you plan to send them to.

Christian Postcard Store

A handwritten note on a postcard is a rare occurrence these day.

Postcard Gifting on Purpose

Postcard Gifting…Sharing Encouragement by Mail!

Having a Postcard Gifting Ministry is Almost a Thing of the Past in the USA but it is Still a Great Way to Reach Out. Any Business, Local Church or Charitable Organization can have a Postcard Outreach to Share News, Offer Birthday Wishes or Show You Care.

Sunday School Teachers & Grandmothers Often have Fun Sending Postcards & are Sure to Keep a Few Extra Cards on Hand. Post Cards Come in Every Theme Including Get Well Wishes, Birthdays, We Missed You at Church, etc.

Because Postage is Cheaper for a Postcard then Regular Mail, it is a Great Choice for Anyone who Wants to be a Blessing to Others & Plans to Mail them Often. If Your a Business or Charitable Organization, You can Take Advantage of Bulk Mailing with the Usps Postal Service when Postcard Gifting which Offers Even Better Pricing if Sending to More Addresses at the Same Time.

The Fun Art of Collecting Postcards

Postcard Collecting is a Fun, Easy & Cheap Hobby. Postcard Graphics are so Beautiful these Days that having a Collection is a Great Way to Spend Time with Friends. Add You Postcards to a Photo Album & Keep on the Coffee Table in Your Living Room for a Nice Anytime Display.

Your Collection of Postcards can be Any Theme or No Theme at All. If You Like to Travel, You can Pick Up Postcards of Your Favorite Trips & Share them with Guests. This is Also a Great Conversation Starter too & oos & ahhs are Sure to Follow as Each Page is Turned.

Postcards of Hope – Sharing, Collecting, Favorites & Everything Postcard!

Welcome to Postcards of Hope in God!

Like the tapestry of our lives, postcards are like Post-it Notes that we share with our Family & Friends. They tell the story of our lives…of where we’ve been & what we enjoyed. They show the expressions of our love & fondness towards the people we send them to.

Postcards can be funny & joyful, encouraging & consoling or a simple reminder about an upcoming event. They make both the sender & receiver feel good in a way that somehow satisfies the soul.

We Love Postcards & are looking forward to redesigning this site to be a joyful expression of what giving & collecting postcards can be. Our Hope is to fill these pages with everything that is fun about postcards including your stories, new & antique pictures & unique craft ideas.

We are very excited to get busy on our new Postcards of Hope website & would be tickled if you would come back to see us again. We also realize that some of you may have come here looking for the previous owner so we are including a link to her wonderfully inspiring website here: