Coming Soon to a Post Office Near You – Filing Your Taxes on a Postcard ?

Under the New Tax Plan that is in the Works, it is Possible that You Could File Your Taxes on a Postcard as Soon as Next Year. While Nothing is Set in Stone Yet, there is a Great Need for Taxpayers to File their Taxes Easily & Doing it on a Postcard Sounds User Friendly to Most. This May Eliminate the Need for You to Use a Paid Tax Service and Make Filing Your IRS Federal Taxes Simple.

This Would Work Best for Anyone who Does Not Actually Owe Tax Since a Check Could Not be Included. Using this Option Might Also Cause Taxpayers to have to Forgo Any Privacy Concerns Since the Information Could be Seen or Recorded in Picture Form as it Progresses through the Postal Service.

Looking Forward, this Sounds Like a Positive Change for Some and We Look Forward to Seeing How this Plays Out for the American People.

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