Postcards of Hope – Sharing, Collecting, Favorites & Everything Postcard!

Welcome to Postcards of Hope in God!

Like the tapestry of our lives, postcards are like Post-it Notes that we share with our Family & Friends. They tell the story of our lives…of where we’ve been & what we enjoyed. They show the expressions of our love & fondness towards the people we send them to.

Postcards can be funny & joyful, encouraging & consoling or a simple reminder about an upcoming event. They make both the sender & receiver feel good in a way that somehow satisfies the soul.

We Love Postcards & are looking forward to redesigning this site to be a joyful expression of what giving & collecting postcards can be. Our Hope is to fill these pages with everything that is fun about postcards including your stories, new & antique pictures & unique craft ideas.

We are very excited to get busy on our new Postcards of Hope website & would be tickled if you would come back to see us again. We also realize that some of you may have come here looking for the previous owner so we are including a link to her wonderfully inspiring website here:


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